A rough guide to my prices       After taking care of my fathers publishing problems, it was clear that a new kind of publisher was needed in this 21st century. His first publisher cost him more than 3 years wasted time, I became his publisher following this, did it all for free and all rights to his work are his.
I understand that the various services and skills usually cost money and was pleased to discover that I already have all the necessary competences. Knowing that my father has known a bunch of writers with the same problems and little chance of finding a reasonably priced solution I thought that maybe I could Help. I started computers when writing in binary was necessary so from HTML to PHP and most others from A to Z, I'm your man.
      For the modest sum of 1000€ your book will be available on Kindle and in paperback, you will have an internet site and some paperback copies for your book signings with more copies available at cost price, while the rights to your work are yours. Your book will be available on Amazon with any profit paid directly to you.
      This may seem like a lot for 1000€ and it is. Of course there is a catch. The catch is that we work together. The ideas are mostly yours, of course I can give my opinion and advice if required. You supply all the material including the cover images (if no one else can help, maybe I can).

Your internet site
      Using the materials you supply (text, images and ideas) I will produce your site. Your site needs a name (Domain name) and somewhere on the web to live (hosting). I only use Namesco web hosting, the lowest priced plan that is suitable for your web site is their Starter Hosting at about 90€ for two years and your .co.uk registered for about 10€ also for two years. You can upgrade later if your site exceeds its bandwidth allowance (bandwidth means "number of visits allowed")

Your Kindle book
      Kindle requires your work formatted in a computer language called HTML (or gobblydegook if you prefer). Most word processors can create files in this format but they are not readily compatible with Kindle because, Kindle only uses the subset of HTML that it requires. I create an HTML file of your work using only the tags (HTML is made of tags - double Dutch now) defined by Kindle for 100% compatibility. Publishing with Kindle is Free and the copyright is yours.

Your Paperback
      Your paperback can be published for free by CreateSpace. The CreateSpace format requires two files, both in the PDF (acrobat) format. A file for the inside of the book (known as the inner file) and a file for the cover.
      I'll create your inner file respecting your page layout. Note that any colour graphics used in your inner file will mean that the whole inner file is printed as colour which is more expensive. I can create your cover file from three images that you supply - front, spine and back. Your paperback will have an ISBN.
      When I am satisfied with the files I will order a proof copy. When I have finished with it I will send it to you. If we are both satisfied I will order some copies to be sent to you, the paberback will now be offered for sale by Amazon.

The budget
      As you can see this process has certain costs. The costs will be about 400€, the rest pays my services. The number of paperback copies I order for you at the end of this process will depend on the unspent amount left from the 400€.
      You will pay me by bank transfer. If you want to pay in installments (watch those bank costs!), I'll work at the speed dictated by your installments.
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